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The 14th European Congress on Menopause and Andropause “Expertise for changing times” will take place in Florence, Italy, from 3 – 5 May 2023.

We look forward to meeting you in person in Florence in 2023.

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TOMORROW 29 September is Best of EMAS at (4 pm CST – Beijing) or (10 am EST – New York): the NEW evidence-based resource for busy clinicians worldwide to update and ask questions in a live Q&A session. REGISTER NOW #menopause #HRT
https://t.co/43eOAhvVC4 https://t.co/7wDkNzHIat
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Changes of frequency of hot flushes found between four generations of 50-year-old Swedish women born in the 20the century #menopause https://t.co/bQ6b5KGIPK
EMAS is happy to promote the upcoming:
a:care Congress 2022 on October 8 & 15!

The theme: “Adherence to treatment: global challenge, tangible solutions”. It will address common misconceptions and reveal the true drivers of adherence.

More info here: https://t.co/dx8M5nRBO7 https://t.co/XILZXmxxVL
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Moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms are highly prevalent in European women and impact on quality of life. The majority of affected women do not receive hormone replacement even though eligible for treatment. #VMS #Europe #QOL @emas_online @ObGynAdvance https://t.co/qeuA9R7PRz
“It is our understanding that this author does not exist.”
Here’s background on a retraction that may be one of many.
https://t.co/2npuq9c8qV https://t.co/c8DbWuJjKm
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It’s 2022 and women still take on 3 times more unpaid care & domestic work than men.

📣 Join us to learn how to embrace the principle of co-responsibility in care and domestic work.

⏰Tuesday 27 September, 9:00 AM EST
📺Follow live: https://t.co/h346Wjze4r

#UNGA https://t.co/T2xE2tiZlK
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