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Professor Antonio Cano
EMAS 2010 Co-Chair, EMAS President

Professor Tommaso Simocini
EMAS 2021 Co-Chair, EMAS Past-President


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Scientific Programme

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  • 850+ healthcare professionals from 70+ countries
  • 3 days of scientific exchange
  • 50 scientific sessions
  • Debates, workshops, clinical cases, practical sessions
    EMAS School, Junior Mentorship Program
  • Italian-speaking sessions
  • Industry sponsored sessions

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There is an incredible story to tell about how #COVID19 vaccines are being developed. Find out more about global collaboration 👉 https://t.co/s6Uvjq4eGX
and scientists’ work to ensure safety 👉 https://t.co/he1qIpEK03 https://t.co/j7VM7vCxpH

Mass vaccination hubs are unnecessary and increase inequality - no car? Tough luck.
GPs are accessible and know who needs the vaccine. https://t.co/a9S7JnuyIn

657 million women worldwide are aged 45- 59. Update on #Menopause with EMAS resources and education materials https://t.co/Y6JYsKtxeT https://t.co/YYyerTW8Wf emas_online photo

Physical performance and risk of hip fracture in community-dwelling elderly people in China: A 4-year longitudinal cohort study shows useful predictors https://t.co/TkrjjRvdaT

whywhywhywhy are we not doing proper pragmatic RCT of vaccination schedules? the UK is world leading in pandemic drug trials? (I am sorry for repeating myself so often...)

Northern Irish Brexit checks cause shortages of food and deliveries of equipment to the NHS at a time of a healthcare crisis #COVID19 https://t.co/Z1nQipoLQp