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Prof. Antonio Cano
EMAS 2010 Co-Chair, EMAS President
Prof. Tommaso Simocini
EMAS 2021 Co-Chair, EMAS Past-President


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  • 850+ healthcare professionals from 70+ countries
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#EMASEducation in Spanish
Register for Debates en Climaterio. Perspectivas desde dos Continentes and meet the experts
19 June 2021
#menopausia #menopause #climaterio
https://t.co/GFC9MP5aHD https://t.co/9XsCj6nh32
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#EMASEducation Day 2 of EMAS school on late parenthood is today https://t.co/DrZweLwd7q emas_online photo

EMAS has a guide on #Menopause for medical students as well as many position statements, an online textbook EMAS Care Online, replay webinars and a virtual congress #EMAS2021Menopause https://t.co/LQU2AYqXZL
Carolyn Harris MP @carolynharris24
📺WATCH: There’s a huge lack of knowledge in the medical profession about menopause with 41% of medical schools not even looking at it.

This means GPs often mistake symptoms for depression or anxiety and women continue to suffer.

Mandatory training on #menopause is needed now https://t.co/T3dWunZtRN

Excellent first day of EMAS school on late parenthood day 2 tomorrow #EMASEducation https://t.co/EKyqPGPcGY emas_online photo

A high-risk gestational trophoblastic neoplasia derived from a complete hydatidiform mole with coexisting fetus identified by short tandem repeats analysis: A case report online in #CRWH https://t.co/gxZ4cVmbb8

#EMASEducation the June virtual school on Late Parenthood with Interactive learning and practice exchange with international experts
starts tomorrow
17-18 June 2021
#fertility #pregnancy #health
https://t.co/h2kKhWAxCH https://t.co/EGmgSg2gZc
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