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Prof. Antonio Cano
EMAS 2010 Co-Chair, EMAS President
Prof. Tommaso Simocini
EMAS 2021 Co-Chair, EMAS Past-President


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Pharma firm Advanz fined after thyroid drug liothyronine price hike of 6,000% #thyroid #healthcare https://t.co/g1bmC81fpL

Browse July 2021 issue of Case Reports in Women’s Health
Volume 31 , with case reports and editorials to inform clinical practice #gynecology #obstetrics #reproductivehealth #WomensHealth

https://t.co/OyWmuEI2rM https://t.co/v3Bk4F415d
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Prevalence and early-life determinants of mid-life multimorbidity: evidence from the 1970 British birth cohort finds one in 3 people suffer multimorbidty https://t.co/5mCNN2e2bp

Covid: One million NHS masks fail high-grade safety tests in UK https://t.co/gLoDcaDA3J

We are excited to launch a Menopause and Work Charter and Self-Assessment tool to promote recognition and consideration of menopausal health in the workplace
@CIPD @CIPDpolicy

https://t.co/Y6JYsKtxeT https://t.co/WmdJBhebuM
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It is not easy to eat well in the UK, and diet and obesity policy has too often floundered, writes @jeanmadams.

Can the National Food Strategy help improve the environments in which we make food decisions?