Welcome Message

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the 13th EMAS Congress in Florence. This is a unique opportunity to meet colleagues and friends from all over the world.

This Congress has represented a challenge to EMAS due to the difficulties created by the COVID pandemic. The drawbacks, however, have become an opportunity. Efforts have been made to prepare a programme sensitive to this new era, in which creative standards of care are needed by women and men in their mid-life and beyond. To mention a few, the focus on such innovative areas like artificial intelligence or machine learning is shared with contemporary issues like transgender medicine, or the various facets of the attention to menopause, including healthy lifestyle, noncommunicable diseases related with menopause or ageing.

This all will be found in traditional sessions but also in more informal formats, like open debates and clinical cases with success in previous meetings.

We thank the Scientific Committee for contributing with so many useful ideas, the Local Committee for facilitating every step, and our Officers and Members of the Board.

We can’t neglect to say a few words about the wonderful Congress location, Florence. A capital of art and culture for centuries, Florence has also been a melting pot of scientific currents and novelty. The excellence of science in our programme plus the expected exchange of ideas and debates could not find a better setting.

We encourage you to join us at the EMAS Congress, which we all look forward to as a Renaissance of our ability to meet and enjoy and share science together!

See you in Florence,

Professor Antonio Cano, EMAS 2021 Co-Chair, EMAS President
Professor Tommaso Simoncini, EMAS 2021 Co-Chair, EMAS Past-President

Antonio Cano

EMAS 2021 Co-Chair,
EMAS President

Tommaso Simoncini

EMAS 2021 Co-Chair,
EMAS Past-President