Antonio Cano

EMAS 2021 Co-Chair, EMAS President

What does the EMAS Congress mean to you?

The EMAS Congress is the leading scientific event on the health of middle-aged women and men in Europe. The main scientists and doctors of the continent, but also of the entire world, come together to update the hottest topics in the field. But it means more, because it is also a world-class educational forum in which the exchange of views is particularly promoted. Open interaction is always a hallmark of EMAS, favoured by stimulating session formats.


Why go to this meeting?

Because the EMAS congress is a fantastic event for learning and networking in a relaxed atmosphere. The program has been developed to hybridize science with new emerging diagnostic tools and treatments. But it is also the mix of stakeholders that makes EMAS especially attractive. For years, different profiles of health professionals, doctors and nurses, have joined other partners, researchers, industry representatives and others, all reflecting the continuous effort made by EMAS to enrich lectures and debates with different perspectives.


How does one feel as an Attendee, Faculty, Abstract presenter, Late Breaking Science presenter?

A mixed feeling in which there is camaraderie, friendship and pleasure to be part of a select group of colleagues in such a stimulating encounter. EMAS allows me to present my views and insights on the various nuances of each issue. And all that adds to the pleasure of being in the magnificent setting of the city of Florence.

Prof. Antonio Cano